10 steps on How (not) to Change... Everything


*Step 1: Set unrealistic goals

Step 2: Observe everyone else, decide to do everything that they’re doing, and totally ignore the fact that a) you’re only seeing what they care to post and b) they’ve had these habits for longer than a day.

Step 3: Decide to reverse every bad habit, that you have had your entire life, in a day.

Step 4: Start on a Monday.

Step 5: Tell everyone what you’re doing.

Step 6: Overcommit, under-deliver

Step 7: Oversleep, miss the first 4 goals on your list because you were up all night making the list.

Step 8: Try again next Monday.

Step 9: Repeat

Step 10: Realize this isn’t working, curl in a ball, binge watch Netflix, cry, or stare in apathy.

I’ve been clinically depressed and anxious for the better part of 25 years. I’ve had the answers and know what really works for me for about a year. I have to treat myself like a one year old.

What do one year olds have? Grace, support, encouragement. They learn to clap for themselves when they take a single step because everyone else is clapping too.


There is no quick fix to healing.

What will your first step be?


*This list is brought to you by how I attempt to operate and how I have failed over and over and over again.