Stop... Eliminate and Listen

For those of you following, I’m beginning my Functional Wellness elimination phase this week. *If you want to follow more closely, I update instastories way more often :)*

For those of you not, my doctor believes I may have small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and while I’m waiting on test results, I’m doing a strict elimination. I basically am eliminating all known dietary triggers so that I can set my body up for optimum detoxification and healing. I’m eliminating things like caffeine, dairy, gluten, alcohol, sugar, and wheat. I want to invite you on this journey with me, as I’ve said many times before! I guess I’m getting redundant. Oh well.

Here’s the deal: Withdrawal sucks. Quitting things cold turkey is hard. You can taper and wean. It works. However, I know myself and if I give myself anything, I won’t quit. Just one piece of candy turns into the whole bag. Just one sip of coke turns into the whole can. I don’t know how to just a little bit.

Food is not the main issue though. Our health is built on so much more than food and medicine. We have to make sure that our lives are in balance and functioning. This means that each pillar of wellness needs attention. I want to use this week to introduce how to work on different areas of our lives. I’m going to be sharing tips on detoxing each area and replenishing each area.

I am an expert at a lot of things. I know how to wear a Ninja Turtle onesie while watching The Office. I am especially skilled at forgetting clothes in the washing machine and having to run it again. My skills for forgetting someone’s name as soon as they tell it to me are unmatched. However, I am not an expert at any of the things I’m about to share with you. This is just my life, my story, and my crazy self trying to get healthy.

Anyway, I’m stupid excited for elimination week (by the way, that’s what I’m calling it. Hey! I’ll even make it a hashtag. #katiejoyhealthelimination wait. that sounds like I'm being murdered. I'll think of something) and I can’t wait to share these things with you!

For now, if you want, you can go view my how to start post one & two to learn what I do to set the stage for an elimination.


What do you want to change in your life? What needs to be eliminated? What could be added? I’d love to hear from you!