Super Blue Blood Moon

Y'all. I don't know what it is about the moon, but it gives me such a sense of hope, joy, peace, and gratitude. I guess it's because I've been a night owl my entire life and it's always been there to keep me company. Or maybe it's because my mom is a science teacher and built her own telescope and I got to see it so clearly so many times as a kid. Or maybe it's because the moon is FREAKING AWESOME and just a cool thing to experience. 

I truly believe this Supercalafragalistic Blue Blood Moon is what is making me get my life together. I woke up this morning, made my coffee, took photos of the moon, made breakfast for my sister and husband, packed their lunches, cleaned the house, did laundry, and now I'm sitting here, at 8AM, writing a blog, drinking fresh juice, and staring at how beautiful the moon is. 


Do you have a thing that drives you? That gets you excited? Out of all the hobbies I've had, the books I've read, the things I've tried, the only thing that's ever woken me up at 4:30am is the moon. (And panic attacks but we don't count those.)

Also, this couldn't have happened at a better time. I'm considering January a free trial month and my subscription to 2018 doesn't begin until tomorrow. So thanks to that little ole moon, I went from waking up at 1:30pm to 4:30am in one day. 

Thanks, moon.


Oh. and I'm probably going to pass out soon. But I'm staying optimistic that I won't. 

Have a beautiful, supermoon day!