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I’m Katie Joy, a twenty-something woman with a passion for others.  I’m married to the most wonderful man, Neal, who supports every crazy dream I have. We have 4 dogs, Ellie Bear, Sparrow, Ollie, & Finn, and a cat named Xander. We love our zoo and the insanity that comes with it! I’m on a journey from hot-mess to healthy. However, let’s be real, I’ll settle for healthy hot-mess.

I had my first panic attack at the age of 11, was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at 12, put on antidepressants at 13, and lived an incredibly numb, confused, life on my search for purpose. Hell, I was searching for the ability to function. When I was 23, I graduated college with my project “My Anxious Heart”, which focused on my battle with anxiety and mental illness. I found so many people that were like minded through that project going viral. I was so happy that we were fighting to end the stigma and band together. In the meantime, I was in consistent therapy, I did all the breathing exercises, I coped, I self-cared, but I was still getting worse and worse.

I decided that this isn’t how we were meant to live. I convinced myself that there is no way anxiety and depression were just mental illnesses that I was meant to deal with. This couldn’t just be genetic. I knew too many people that functioned on a daily basis for this to be my life!

This is where my journey to healing through Functional Medicine began. I found a doctor who not only believed me, but built a practice on healing through functional wellness instead of conventional practices. Through pursuing physical + mental health, I have found courage to share what I've learned with my community.

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I have a passion for people, that they may understand and discover their truth, worth, value, and that they are loved beyond all measure. I believe that through social media, we can continue to build a thriving community of confident, beautiful, loved world-changers and hope-givers. There is power in community and my mission is to help others uncover their greatness, see the power in vulnerability, and that they are not alone in this world.

A big part of launching this project comes from a desire to connect with others on this journey to health and wellness. So please, if you are in need of a life line or a friend or just someone to understand, get in touch!